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24 Jun 2010

Jalan Raya Negara km 7, Tan jung pati

Mr. Alex Kennedy

Personnel Manager

Honey well Ltd.

Room121, Niagara resource

Melville N.Y

Dear Mr. Alex

Re: Senior Soft ware Engineer

With ref er ence to the adver tise ment in the New York Times News on Jan u ary 01, 2010, I am writ ing to apply for the posi tion of Senior Soft ware Engineer

I am cur rently a full-time stu dent study ing a degree course in elec trical engi neer ing at the Andalas Unver sity. As you can see from the enclosed CV, I have exten sive expe ri ence in mak ing soft ware computer. Apart from the for mal train ing I have obtained from my three-year course, I have had a num ber of part-time which have helped me to gain expe ri ence in mak ing sofware. Fre quent par tic i pa tion in work shops, com pe ti tions and extra-curricular activ i ties involv ing the sub ject has also allowed me to develop insight into the area.

My pro fes sional train ing at the uni ver sity requires adapt abil ity and cre ative use of the resources avail able to pro duce graph ics for real cus tomers in the busi ness world. Work ing as a stu dent researcher dur ing the last semes ter has fur ther expanded my skills in data process ing and graphic design, and more impor tantly, my abil ity to work inde pen dently. I feel, there fore, that I have not only the expe ri ence that you are look ing for, but a num ber of other invalu able skills which would ben e fit me in this position.

I am avail able for an inter view at any time but would appre ci ate two days notice. I can be con tacted on 085263096480

Yours sin cerely,

Al firdaus

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